Roxana Labatt is back again showcasing her love of music. We previously reviewed her debut track 'The Way' and are so excited to share this new release with you. Her latest track, 'Hauntingly Hypnotic,' is about one of the many nights spent enjoying live music when she moved to NYC from Austin, TX. . . . Roxana’s lyrics are beautifully poetic, encapsulating the power music holds perfectly as she sings atop soft piano instrumentation. ”

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Hauntingly Hypnotic is a new single from artist, Roxana Labatt. . . . While this track is technically within the realm contemporary indie pop, it’s more closely related to the classic singer/songwriter style of 1970s artists like Karen Carpenter and Linda Ronstadt. Roxana’s style is intimate and touchingly sentimental. In addition to being sincere, her vocal tone is recognizably distinctive and quite memorable. Hauntingly Hypnotic is a thought-provoking, romantic tearjerker that will tug at your heartstrings. Roxana Labatt’s music will affect you.”


[T]his video perfectly captures the pain and danger involved with loving someone you shouldn't. We're excited to see what this awesome artist puts out next!”

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