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In 2015, Wall Street lawyer Roxana Labatt learned that she had a blood clot that could at any moment move to her heart, brain, or lungs and kill her instantly. The experience, from which she has fully recovered, brought about drastic change for Roxana. She forwent the path of safety that practicing law had offered, allowing herself instead to pursue a latent passion for music — a passion that first shone through when she was only three years old, standing on her parent’s piano bench and belting out “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to anyone who’d listen.  Roxana now spends her time writing and performing lyric-driven indie rock and pop music. Roxana’s lyrics have been described as viscerally emotive, stirring, and irreverent. The themes of Roxana’s songs, many of which deal with love, heartache, and the weight of carrying another’s emotional baggage, are broadly relatable. “It’s my hope that my songs make people feel less alone,” she says.   

In July of 2021 Roxana debuted a new pop/punk project featuring two reimagined singles from her back catalog as well as a trove of unreleased material.