In 2015, Wall Street lawyer Roxana Labatt learned that she had a blood clot that could at any moment move to her heart, brain, or lungs and kill her instantly. The experience, from which she has fully recovered, brought about drastic change for Roxana. “I imagined a Law & Order episode with someone standing over my body talking about my unfulfilled dreams,” the Austin, Texas-based songwriter recalls.  “Am I going to wake up in 30 years and realize I never did what I truly loved?”   

She forwent the path of safety that her studies at Princeton and NYU law had offered, allowing herself instead to pursue a latent passion for music — a passion that first shone through when she was only three years old, standing on her parents' piano bench and belting out “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to anyone who’d listen.   

Having reconnected with what she loves, Roxana spends her time writing and performing lyric-driven indie pop music. Her writing style is informed by years of creative and expository writing.  Some might question her atypical word choices, but Roxana says “I’ve chosen the words I’ve used intentionally for their specific nuanced meanings.” Roxana’s lyrics have been described as viscerally emotive, stirring, and irreverent. The themes of Roxana’s songs, many of which deal with love, heartache, and the weight of carrying another’s emotional baggage, are broadly relatable. “It’s my hope that my songs make people feel less alone,” she says.  

After releasing her first single (and five more subsequently) in 2020 amidst the pandemic induced shutdown of live music, Roxana turned her attention to writing and recording more original songs.  In 2021 Roxana traveled around Texas performing original power pop songs such as “In My Nightmares,” "Not that Girl," and "On The Ground"--songs which explore the experience of relationships gone bad (“the fantasy house you built collapsed and almost left me killed”) through chugging electric guitar and driving vocals. 

Roxana spent 2022 writing and developing additional material for a new project she plans to debut in early 2023.  The upcoming catalogue reflects a return to piano ballads with a cinematic/musical theatre quality--the type of music Roxana has loved since she was a 3-year-old singing Over the Rainbow to piano accompaniment.  Songs include:

"The Way" - described by music critics as "smoldering" "soulful" "achingly intimate" "a powerful love song to New York City, the first place she ever felt at home."

“All Dressed Up” - a stirring power ballad replete with strings. Here, Roxana writes with warm candor about the disconnect between real life and social media. She manages some playful irreverence with the following lyric: Maybe the hearth that seems to crackle/Is just a big flat screen TV Maybe baby smile so wide/Just pooped on her foot."

"AlieNation" - an indie pop song about trying to make sense out of a world in which you don't feel that you belong.

And many more.