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In 2015, singer-songwriter (then Wall Street lawyer) Roxana Labatt received a potentially-fatal diagnosis.  She had a blood clot in her leg that could—at any moment—move to her heart, brain, or lungs and kill her instantaneously. The blockage made it so she could barely walk.  Living in the present suddenly took on much more importance than planning for the future and the life-threatening illness became a life-changing event. 

“I imagined a Law and Order episode with someone standing over my body talking about my unfulfilled dreams,” the Austin, Texas-based artist says, laughing good-naturedly. “I kept thinking ‘am I going to wake up in 30 years and realize I never did what I truly loved?’”  

Today, Roxana steps forward doing what she loves—lyric-driven, indie rock and indie pop. Her literate songwriting style is informed by years of creative and expository writing. For Roxana, words come first, and music comes later. Roxana’s lyrics have been described as viscerally emotive, stirring, soulful, and playfully irreverent. Her songs recall the anthemic grandeur and sincerity of artists such as Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, Celine Dion, Brandi Carlile, Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell, and Alison Krauss. 

“Writing is therapeutic for me. I write about things that are really personal—a lot of the time the songs are about love and heartbreak,” Roxana details. “It’s my hope that my songs make people feel less alone.”



To add to this song that already hits you in your feelings, is the DIY, nostalgia-heavy music video.”

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[T]his video perfectly captures the pain and danger involved with loving someone you shouldn't.”

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Hauntingly Hypnotic is a new single from artist, Roxana Labatt. . . . While this track is technically within the realm contemporary indie pop, it’s more closely related to the classic singer/songwriter style of 1970s artists like Karen Carpenter and Linda Ronstadt. Roxana’s style is intimate and touchingly sentimental. In addition to being sincere, her vocal tone is recognizably distinctive and quite memorable. Hauntingly Hypnotic is a thought-provoking, romantic tearjerker that will tug at your heartstrings. Roxana Labatt’s music will affect you.”


'The Way' is Austin, Texas based singer Roxana Labatt’s debut single to hit the streaming platforms, set to be released on June 19th. Although she is fairly new to the music scene, music has always been a huge part of her life, going back to when she was a child performing for her family in their living room. She went on to become a successful lawyer in New York City before deciding to pursue her passion instead and start writing music: a true testament to chasing your dreams. 'The Way' is a beautiful ballad, a powerful love song to New York City, the first place she ever felt at home.”

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Roxana’s process centers around lyrical development, a focus that allows her to create music that is achingly intimate while conveying grandiose messages such as that of 'The Way.' The personal themes of the track lend well to the soulful piano ballad that accompanies her vocals. As the music swells and fades out, the listener will feel a deep connection with Roxana’s words and emotion, engrossed by the 1980s flavored sound of this new tune.”


'Hauntingly Hypnotic' is Roxana Labatt’s third and latest single to hit the streaming platforms, on August 28th. The Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter is a newcomer to the music scene, though music has been a passion she’s carried her whole life. Having been a successful Wall Street lawyer in New York City, Labatt shifted gears and decided to pursue her true passion as a musician after experiencing a health scare. 'Hauntingly Hypnotic' is a beautiful ballad about the power and influence music can have on a person.”

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Roxana Labatt is back again showcasing her love of music. We previously reviewed her debut track 'The Way' and are so excited to share this new release with you. Her latest track, 'Hauntingly Hypnotic,' is about one of the many nights spent enjoying live music when she moved to NYC from Austin, TX. . . . Roxana’s lyrics are beautifully poetic, encapsulating the power music holds perfectly as she sings atop soft piano instrumentation.”

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